Many students are unaware of fascinating careers available within their local communities and across the state. Traditional classroom curriculum as well as, support services for adults looking to enter the job market lack the real-world visibility needed to adequately prepare students for a global and rapidly changing economy.


Join the hundreds of North Carolina businesses who are helping to expand perspectives for future and current job seekers. You cannot dream of or work towards something you do not know even exists. Help us better prepare North Carolinians with job shadowing and job exposure. A first step in the work-based learning continuum. 

Work Based Learning COntinuum


Students@Work is a month-long program aimed at exposing middle school students from across the state to real-world, business environments in their communities. We view job exposure as a critical first step in integrating work-based learning into the lives of NC students, adding relevancy to their classrooms, and helping students successfully navigate career pathways.

This job-shadowing initiative, held by Gubernatorial Proclamation, originated with the North Carolina Business Committee for Education in 2011.  We work closely with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI). In 2019, S@W impacted 47,819 students from across 38 counties and 327 business partners made this initiative a success.


There is a critical disconnect between the STEM skills needed to support the state’s current and future jobs ecosystem and our students’ interests and levels of mastery in those fields. By bringing together businesses leaders and educators from across North Carolina in a hands-on learning environment, this conference will help make that connection from classroom to career. 


Exploring careers not only provide students an opportunity to see what options are available for them in the future, but also provides second-hand experience working with professionals in the field. Mentoring, service learning, and externships are incredible methods to learn through work. Through career competitions, science fairs, and mock interviews, individuals gain necessary insights into practical and technical skills necessary to gain employment and be successful in various fields of industry.


Educators need easy access to real-world, work-based learning activities to help prepare students for real-life success and to help build the talent pipeline employers need. This means aggregating resources in one, consistent place and eliminating the administrative burdens traditionally associated with leveraging those resources. The Navigator, developed in partnership with Fidelity Investments, is an online marketplace that brings together members of the employer, educator, and workforce development communities. Whether it is through activities that enable students and job seekers to learn about work (e.g., guest speakers), learn through work (e.g., career competitions), or learn for work (e.g., apprenticeships), this platform makes “stepping in” to work-based learning easy, consistent, and scalable.

Ready, Set, App!

Ready, Set, App! Challenge is a mobile app development competition for high school students. Student groups are required to develop a mobile app using a mobile app development platform (e.g., MIT App Inventor) to solve a problem in their community or school. Ready, Set, App! Focuses on three primary pillars:

1) Mobile App Development

2) Professional and Personal Development

3) Interpersonal and Soft Skills Development

Ready, Set, App! is sponsored by Lenovo.


Launched in 2014, Teachers@Work is a teacher-externship model designed in partnership by NCBCE and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The program provides educators from across the state with unique, hands-on learning experiences inside local businesses, non-profit organizations, and state entities. Through these experiences, educators gain a more robust understanding of the technical skills, behaviors, and mindsets students need to be successful in today’s professional environments. Teachers@Work has emerged as a gold standard in educator professional development, effectively breaking down barriers that traditionally separate classroom and career environments.


Experience is key to success. By providing internships, fellowship, and apprenticeships, companies have the opportunity to directly engage with and further develop their future employees. Career Experiences provide students first-hand experience working with companies in multiple industries. Participants are learning for work, by gaining technical skills, work experience, and a better understanding of company policy, culture, and inner workings.


LINC-IT - Linking North Carolina with Innovative Talent is an innovative work-based learning framework utilizing internships to increase the numbers of individuals with autism spectrum disorder in the workforce. Employers are beginning to recognize the need for diversity in the workplace. Diversity increases the talent pipeline, and fosters creativity and innovation. Employers who become a part of the LINC-IT program are given the tools needed to successfully integrate a diversified group of people.


NCBCE partners with statewide education departments and organizations to implement experiential projects that create a contextual fabric of understanding of the critical link between curriculum content and workforce talent needs.  With our 32+ year history spanning six administrations, NCBCE has become the business voice and trusted advisor that creates and identifies best practices in education that lead to closing the workforce skills gaps and meeting North Carolina’s business workforce demands.


North Carolina is one of six states to participate in the National Governors Association (NGA) Policy Academy. This initiative is focused on scaling high-quality work-based learning. Funded by the Siemens Foundation, the policy academy will help states create and expand work-based learning opportunities that will connect youth and young adults ages 16 to 20 with career opportunities in STEM-intensive industries.


The Governor’s Educator Discovery Award recognizes the value of quality professional development for teachers at all phases of their careers.  The program will provide a stipend of up to $1,000 for preK-12 traditional public and public charter school teachers to pursue a professional development experience of their choosing. Teachers can use the grant award to attend a workshop or conference that deepens their subject area knowledge, such as a coding workshop for computer science teachers, or a session on how to create a project-based learning experience for students. Funding for the award was made possible through the generous sponsorship of the following NCBCE members: The Biogen Foundation, Caterpillar, Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Lenovo, Mission Health, Siemens, and UNC Healthcare.


​Experience More Summit on Work-Based Learning & NCBCE Annual Meeting is the launch of a new norm in North Carolina’s workforce development efforts and part of Governor Roy Cooper’s commitment to making sure all North Carolinians (our people and our companies) are ready for the jobs of today and prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.


Building on the good work that is happening in North Carolina, the summit will showcase a new model for engagement – one that is employer-led and built with the foundations of being able to share best-practices, access resources, and measure outcomes that allow for more informed, data-driven decision making.


The event will spotlight corporate leaders who understand the importance of playing an active role in developing their own talent pipeline and believe in aligning the organization’s talent acquisition strategies with through community investment efforts. The event will also serve as a platform to unveil new tools and frameworks that will help to scale work-based learning across the state, and provide opportunities for regional stakeholders to convene around the design of strategic action plans for their local communities.

The Governor's School Supply Drive

Governor Cooper’s School Supply Drive is offered in partnership between the North Carolina Governor’s Office, the North Carolina Business Committee on Education, State Employees Credit Union, and Communities In Schools of North Carolina and aims to help address unmet classroom needs in North Carolina public schools. At the end of the drive, Communities In Schools of North Carolina chapters and AmeriCorps volunteers distribute the supplies to school classrooms across the state.  


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