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Located in the Office of the Governor, the North Carolina Business Committee for Education (NCBCE) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit comprised of North Carolina's corporate leaders.  NCBCE seeks to ensure that every student in North Carolina graduates from high school ready for life and work in a global society.

NCBCE Education Resource Guide
NCBCE’s Electronic Resource Guide is an innovative way for businesses, organizations and government to connect with local and statewide education resources that support priorities in our state.   Business leaders know that collaboration is vital and are anxious to help ensure that tomorrow’s workforce and entrepreneurs are ready for the global economy.

NCBCE’s Resource Guide is the place to go to find those concrete opportunities for businesses to connect with students, schools and educators.   

NCBCE’s Electronic Resource Guide was created as a direct result of a member’s request to create better collaboration among business and education leaders.

With tight budgets in every sector, NOW MORE THAN EVER, it is essential to ensure that every dollar and hour of support for students provide the best possible result.  The resources listed in the Guide provide much needed help for students in varied areas including mentoring, career development, after school programs, STEM and health.